Stratos 3

زعانف الغوص

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The best all-around full-foot fin for warm water. And it’s so durable, it passed every anti-shock and stress test we subjected it to! But Stratos 3 doesn’t compromise on price or comfort: it’s lightweight and affordable. The four-channel structure forces water to flow along the blade for heightened swim performance. Made in Italy

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Tags: aqualung dive fins


  • Torsion Energy Point We targeted the bending point in this fin and moved it backward to create a more powerful kick with less effort.
  • Full-Pocket Design High comfort, no booties required. Full-pocket fins give you increased perception of your kicks effect on the water. Foot pocket is made of soft material for comfort.
  • Stable Fit Grip on inner sole ensures stability by preventing your feet from sliding around inside the fin. This means you’re less likely to lose your fin or waste energy from your foot moving inside the pocket.
  • A Blade Designed for Power Made of strong and elastic techno polymers, this blade has a four-channel structure for better hydrodynamics and side wings to enhance swim performance and stability. Its rubber side ribs add strength and resilience.
  • No-Slip Sole Underside has excellent grip to reduce the risk of slipping on deck.

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