Bubble maker program 

Doha Divers professional takes the initiative to guide you through your initial stages of taking breaths underwater at a depth of 2meters/6feet.


Looking for a water related fun activity for your kid? Look no further for the bubble program gives your kid that satisfaction by scuba diving.

Basically, kids have fun by playing with bubbles as they do scuba diving. The skills can be used to put up events for kids’ celebration like birthday party for fulfilling experience.

In order to undertake this course, you need to be at least 8 years old, should be comfortable in water and consent from the parent.


Guided by Doha Divers PADI instructor Bubblemaker will:

*Have a memorable scuba diving adventure

*Take their first breaths underwater in water shallower than 2 meters/6 feet.

*Use the appropriate scuba diving gears respectively

*Have a lot of fun