Passage snorkel


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The Passage snorkel represents the latest in snorkel dry top technology. This highly efficient dry top, coupled with a self-draining lower end, results in an easy and comfortable snorkeling experience. The quick-release snorkel keeper and removable silicone mouthpiece just add whip cream to your snorkeling adventure!.

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  • Patented dry top prevents water from entering at the surface or underwater

  • Self-draining purge valve at the bottom allows any water to exit

  • Reservoir at the lower end allows you to breathe past small amounts of residual water

  • Comfy-Bite mouthpiece uses a unique bridge that runs behind your front teeth to hold it firmly in place. This avoids clenching and allows you to relax your jaw

  • Mouthpiece is replaceable and can be changed out for a smaller or standard model

  • Flex tube allows the mouthpiece to drop out of the way when not being used

  • Quick-release snorkel keeper allows for easy removal from the mask

  • Available in 2 Colors


SN120BU (Blue)

SN120YL (Yellow)

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Blue, yellow