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The SeaLife SportDiver is a compact and lightweight underwater housing for smartphones.  The SportDiver housing will allow divers to take photos and video with their smartphone down to 130 feet or 40 meters.  The SportDiver can encase most Android models and all iPhones from iPhone 7 through iPhone 14 Pro Max. The free SportDiver App is available at the App Store or Play Store, and works with the current and prior generation of the OS.

The heavy-duty housing is constructed of Polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum and optical grade glass.  And while the SportDiver housing is “heavy duty”, it is not heavy, weighing less than 1.5 pounds (641 grams), and is lightweight for travelling and offers almost neutral buoyancy in water depending on which smartphone model is used.


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Works with iPhone®, Samsung Galaxy® and most other Android® phones.
iPhone: iPhone 7 through iPhone 14 Pro Max
Android: Samsung: Galaxy S9 and up & most other Android phones
Note: The SportDiver underwater housing fits phones up to 6.49″ x 3.15″ x 0.38″ in size. SportDiver app support phones running current or previous operating system, which is subject to change as determined by Apple and Google.

Important: Some settings may not be available depending on the phone make/model. Settings may be blocked out or not accessible depending on conflicting settings. For example, Portrait (background blur) setting is only available with multi-lens iPhones. Lens selection setting may not include all available phone lenses; the telephoto lens not available for Android phones. Check the App Store and Play store for SportDiver app updates.

Easy control – Large shutter lever and rear control buttons for easy operation, even with dive gloves

Access popular camera settings – Get creative with your shot by using advanced camera settings. Select lens, video resolution, adjust zoom, exposure, manual focus, white balance, RAW+JPEG mode, background blur (Bokeh), photo + 3 sec. video and more. Note: Some settings may not be available depending on the phone make/model. Lens selection and background blur setting only available with multi-lens iPhones.

Shoot photos or record video – Easily switch between photo and video mode, App uses the phone’s native camera technology

Dual Leak Alarms – Includes internal moisture sensor and internal vacuum pressure alarm; Alerts diver with on-screen warning, audio and LED signal in the unlikely event the waterproof seal is compromised

Removable underwater color-correction filter restores natural underwater colors

Includes SeaLife SportDiver camera app designed by SeaLife – Intuitive layout and controls that utilizes the smartphone’s native camera technology. Developed by SeaLife – Not a 3rd party app developer. Free download available in App Store or Google Play Store. No annoying in-app purchases or ads, unlike other underwater smartphone housing apps. Note: Supports phones with current and previous operating system installed, which is subject to change as determined by Apple or Google.

Playback photos and videos – App Playback mode shows full size photos and videos with vertical thumbnail strip to easily located your shots. Videos start playing automatically when selected. All files are also saved to phone’s photo app.

Bluetooth® wireless technology –  SportDiver Housing automatically connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) 5 wireless technology. No cables or buttons touch the phone. Ultra-low power consumption.

Holding spring and rubber grip tabs securely holds phone in place and adds shock-protection.

Expandable with Sea Dragon underwater photo-video lights

Triple 1/4-20 tripod mounts – Mounts to Flex-Connect or any tray with standard tripod threads

Cam-lock sealing mechanism easily and securely locks waterproof door

Powered by two AAA batteries that last over 50 hours of continuous use

Anti-fog design when SL911 Moisture Muncher capsule is used

Depth rated to 130ft / 40m – Each housing is individually depth tested

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