Skin dive 

In this course you will learn more about the basics of skin diving where swimming under water with a face mask and flippers and especially with a snorkel and without a portable breathing device.


Skin dive you discover how to dive below the surface with the help of Doha Divers Instructors to see something interesting that is close. Discover swimming with a mask to dive down to investigate some crab or coral garden. But anybody who has done this know from experience the sudden pressure that clenches the nasal passages and causes discomfort in the head.

As soon the body passes more than a couple of feet deep, hydrostatic pressure begins to constrict the air and organs within. With every 33 feet (10 meters) of depth, the pressure squeezes any object by 14.5 psi. Any skin diver will then have learned well how to equalize, a skill used in freediving and by scuba divers.


This course to learn:

  • The safety measures while encounter any hazard.
  • Methods used in skin diving and how to check buoyancy, surface swimming, and performing effortless surface dives.
  • Going on an optional skin dive at a local dive site.
  • Handling skin diving equipment.