Neoprene Knife Wrap


Product Details

  • Convenient way to hold your knife sheath
  • Neoprene construction with slip-resistant backing
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop straps for mounting to lower leg
  • Versatile design for use with many different knives
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Neoprene Knife Wrap Instructions For Use

Thank you for purchasing an XS Scuba Neoprene Knife
Wrap. This versatile design can be used with many
different knives and is a great alternative to traditional
rubber straps.

1. Unfasten the sheath retaining strap. 2. Secure the knife sheath to the knife
3. Route strap through the sheath
4. Secure the sheath retaining strap
5. Proper routing of sheath retaining strap. 6. Fitting the knife wrap to your leg.
Note: Two hook tabs are used for redundancy.
Though challenging to grip with gloves they are kept low profile so they won’t lift during surf or boat entries.
7. Changing the leg strap length.


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